2018 Calendar of Events and Meetings

*Unit Meetings (marked with an asterisk) start with a meet and greet at 9:30am, the meeting commences at 10:00am, followed by a Luncheon at 12 noon. Meetings take place at St. Christopher’s Church during October, November, January, February, March, April, May and June. Addresses for these locations are shown below.

St. Christopher’s Church
7845 N. River Road
River Hills, WI 53217

Boerner Botanical Gardens
9400 N. Boerner Drive
Hales Corners, WI 53130

*January 16: (St. Christopher’s) – Grant/Scholarship recipients program

*February 20: (St. Christopher’s) – Preparation of craft items for the Spring
Symposium. Seed exchange after lunch. Bring your seeds!

March 3: Spring Symposium (Subject: Mediterranean Herbs )

March 15: “All About Herbs” – Herb Gardening for Bees/Pollinators
by Jennifer Lazewski, Master Gardener

*March 24: (St. Christopher’s) – Speaker: Val Kupczak-Rios

April 11: “All About Herbs” – ”Hop to it!” 2018 Herb of the Year: Hops.
by Peggy Gibbs-Zautke (of Boerner Botanical) & Herb Zautke, home brewing expert.

*April 17: (St. Christopher’s) – Speaker: Nino Ridgway

May 2: “All About Herbs” – “Pots, Baskets and Troughs: Growing Herbs in Containers”
by Nino Ridgway, owner of Herbs and Everlastings

*May 15: (St. Christopher’s) – Finalization of Herb Fair plans.

May 19: Herb Fair. Boerner Botanical Garden 9:00am-3:00pm
All members involved.

*June 19: (at St. Christopher’s) – Wrap-up meeting for Unit events – 9:30am