2020-21 Calendar of Events and Meetings

If held in person, the meeting location will be:

St. Christopher’s Church

7845 N. River Road, River Hills, WI  53217

July 14                Garden Walk at Elaine Wilhelm’s

June 19              10:00am  Wrap-Up Meeting – 45th Anniversary!





May 18, 2021:             10:00am Meeting at St Christopher’s & Zoom Meeting – Planning for Herb Day


Melody presenting Nino with memory binder – Congratulations on winning 2021 National HSA Certificate


Unit Meeting


Summer 2020

FBBG’s Will Radler Garden Walk in Greenfield – August 21, 2020

                              Melody Orban

On August 2, 6 members attended the Elmbrook Historical Society tea.   There was an elegant 1860s tea at the inn and a tour of the Dousman Stagecoach Inn Museum.  Dessert was the herb delight of lavender cookie and rose geranium cake.  Below are pictures from the event.                                                                                                                                                                    


Holding You in Our Hearts

Donna Knop

We are sad and devastated at the news of Donna Knop’s passing this Mother’s Day, May 10. Donna was a dear friend to many of us in our Herb Unit. Donna often spoke to us of her wonderful rides with her husband to the East and the Southwest every Spring and Fall as well as northern Wisconsin to visit her children and their families for their birthdays – and her special fondness for the Southwest. Many of us in the unit have her grandmother’s geranium plants in our homes and gardens.

Donna has been an active member of our Unit for many years, continuously on the board having been Co-Chair of our Unit, and for many years By-Law Chair and Co-Chair of the Artisan Room for our Herb Fair, as well as Chair of the Tasting Room for our Symposium. She has been a dear and kind friend to so many of us.

Tasting Room Committee at Symposium, March 7, 2020 – Donna gave us the scarves and pressed them so we could wear that day. She didn’t like her picture being taken but think this was a really nice one of her. She gave each of us from her last visit to New Mexico a jar of Organic Raspberry Lavender jam – one of the “Tasting Room” items.  Below are more pictures of Donna at our various meetings/events.  If you have one that you would like to share, please send to Diane and she will put into this page.