Policies & Procedures

Policies / Change Procedures –    Please see Policy Statements below.  To see Change Procedures, just click “Procedural Guidelines” below Policy Statements.

Policy Statements Approved by the Board:

New members will be inducted into the Unit at the Annual Meeting.

Date approved:   10/15/2013

Reimbursement for purchases: To receive a reimbursement from the Treasurer an original, itemized and dated receipt must be submitted with a signed reimbursement request form within the fiscal year of the purchase, unless authorized by the Treasurer to allow the receipt to be carried over into the next fiscal year.

Date approved:  10/15/2013

Refund Reimbursement for an event:  All invitations going out for Herb Society events that charge a fee must have a statement regarding refund information. The invitation must state a refund date i.e. (There will be no refunds after Saturday, June 4, 2019).  A substitute attendee can take another’s place when no refund is available.

Date approved:  10/15/2013

Memorials:  At the death of a long-standing member, the WI Unit can offer the family a memorial to the Boerner Botanical Herb Garden or a brick at the Herb Society of America headquarters. If no family member can be consulted, the memorial will go to the Boerner Botanical Herb Garden, through Friends of Boerner Botanical Gardens.

Date approved:  2013

The Wisconsin Unit Scholarship of $1,000 will be transferred from the Horticulture program at MATC to the Culinary program at MATC or WCTC – due to a lack of candidates from the Horticulture program.

Date approved: 11/17/2015

 Inclement Weather Closure:  Unit meetings will be cancelled when the Milwaukee Public Schools close for inclement weather. Members outside of the Milwaukee viewing area will be informed by the Unit Chair with a phone call.

Date approved:  2018

Zoom Computer Unit Meetings: Meetings held over Zoom (or equal computer format) will be counted equally with Unit meetings held in person for attendance purposes.

Date approved: 8/18/2021

Procedural Guidelines